Mindfulness Act

Mindfulness Act

Mindfulness is an attentive presence that is open and kind.

Mindfulness is the ability to be in contact with one’s own experience, whatever it may be.

The purpose of the practice is to alleviate suffering and care for one’s well-being.

To be able to help others, it is very important to help oneself first.

Following the path of mindfulness..
is to follow the path of awakening.

Mindfulness practice is the training of the mind.
Mindfulness practice is a way of being.
Breathworks approach underlines the transformative aspect of awareness. It is our conscious presence that enables us to choose how we respond to life and our personal experiences, including the difficult ones.
Breathworks methodology highlights the key importance of cultivating an attitude of kindness and acceptance towards the pain, stress or illness that we happen to experience.
By practicing mindfulness we learn to perceive thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and other events clearly according to what they are.
Through mindfulness practice, we create a new, more friendly and sympathetic relationship with ourselves as well as the experiences we have by learning not to react to personal difficulties in a habitual way. This new relationship with oneself becomes the basis of a new relationship with the people and the world around us.

An 8-week Breathworks mindfulness course is:

• Practical experience of mindfulness

• Development of body and breath awareness

• Reducing stress, tension, and anxiety

• Openness, acceptance, kindness

• Guided meditation practices

• Habit releasers

• Group or individual classes