Coaching Act

Coaching Act

Psychology and coaching are offering us some very useful tools for our personal development.
Making use of them is surprisingly helpful especially when we encounter difficulties or obstacles on our way.
In my work, I combine coaching techniques with a psychological approach based on acceptance and commitment (ACT).
I help clients in their personal development, goals achievement and internal transformation.
Sessions with me are like an open and non-judgemental space that can accommodate everything that is happening for you.
We will take a closer look at what is present..
so what is not yet here could appear.
There will be a place for your current challenges as well as looking for a new perspective and practical solutions.
We will work on fostering greater psychological flexibility, the ability to consciously contact present moment experience.
By becoming aware of what is meaningful and precious..
living in accordance with personal values becomes possible.

When you make a step, the path reveals itself.

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I work both stationary in Krakow and remotely.
Sessions can take the form of a meeting, a phone call or using the Zoom platform.
(Remote sessions are as valuable as meeting in person.)

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