Biofeedback – RSA Training – Cracow


Biofeedback is a training of the nervous system.

Biofeedback training is a method of working with biological feedback that supports the development of the ability of conscious self-regulation, being a conscious influence on one’s own physiological processes.

Biofeedback supports the development of body awareness and makes it easier to establish vital contact with the sensations that appear in the body. Having the possibility to observe changing physiological parameters is an opportunity to learn how to accept various physiological processes that occur in the body moment after moment.

Practicing with this evidence-based method is a great opportunity to improve your ability to consciously influence your psychophysiological state.

RSA Training (Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia)

RSA training is a solution allowing to work directly with the nervous system.

By monitoring the respiratory and cardiovascular systems activity, it allows you to learn to both tolerate the state of arousal and to self-regulate the breathing and heart rate.

Working with biofeedback sensors allows you to improve your ability to regulate your own level of arousal in a safe environment. This is done especially by learning effortless diaphragm breathing at your personal resonance frequency.

RSA allows you to determine the respiratory rhythm at which the heart rate variability is most optimal and to train your ability to consciously support your body’s return to a balanced state.

RSA biofeedback training has a stabilizing effect on health and well-being, balancing the effects of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems it improves cardiac function and respiratory performance.

By learning the ability to synchronize the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, RSA biofeedback training increases resistance to stress, improves focus of attention, develops self-awareness and self-control.

Biofeedback training helps you to learn the ability to regain physiological and emotional balance after a stressful experience, saving your energy and allowing you to focus your resources around living in line with your own values.

• working directly with the nervous system

• opportunity to observe your own physiological processes

• establishing a better contact with your body

• experiencing the body-mind relationship on yourself

• learning effortless diaphragmatic breathing

• getting to know your resonance frequency

• developing the ability to regulate your own level of arousal

• enhancing the ability to recover from stressful experience

• improving the way you handle difficulties and obstacles

• increasing the capacity of your nervous system

• refocusing your attention on what really matters to you

• enabling you to build your life around values and valued actions