Act Odwagi means Act of Courage

Act Odwagi was created with the mission of promoting conscious living grounded in personal values.

It aims to support clients in their personal development, goals achievement and internal transformation.

It emphasizes the key importance of an open stance as well as being in contact with oneself and the world around.

Act Odwagi is an open invitation to take a closer look at what is present…
so that what is not yet here could appear.

When awareness appears, there comes a choice.


Piotr Suchanek

Psychologist | Coach | Mindfulness Trainer

I graduated from the Institute of Applied Psychology at the Jagiellonian University. Completed specialization in Sports Psychology at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow. Completed two minors at the dutch Radboud University, ‘Sport and Exercise Sciences’ as well as ‘Development and Learning’, as a part of international exchange at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Worked as a trainee at the German Sport University in the Performance Psychology department while participating in another European exchange program.
Continued the development of coaching skills at the Tischner European University pursuing ‘Coach and Trainer – Partner in Development’ postgraduate studies and obtained the  ACSTH certificate issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Participated in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training course and further developed mindfulness competences and expertise in the United Kingdom joining a two-tier certified Breathworks methodology teacher training program.
I regularly participate in psychological training courses. Deepened knowledge of techniques in such approaches as Motivational Interviewing, Rational Behavior Therapy, Schema Therapy among others.
Co-founder of Smart Sport Foundation that aims at promoting psychology, mental health, and well-being. Actively engaged in the design and delivery of psychoeducational workshops to all the beneficiaries.
Member of Association for Contextual Behavior Science (ACBS) being a forum for ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) community.
Meditation practitioner, participated in many short and long meditation retreats, mainly in the Zen style. Completed Zen Study Group training.